Deutscher Bauherrenpreis 2016

Wohnsiedlung Claudius-Höfe, Bochum, 1. Preis mit Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Dresden (Gebäudeplanung)

pořizovatel: Arbeitsgruppe Kooperation GdW-BDA-DST

DWA-Water-development Award 2013

Renaturation and green area Kappelbach, commendation

pořizovatel: DWA German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste

IOC/IAKS Award for Exemplary Sports- and Recreation Facilities
IPC/IAKS Award for Accessibility

Bao'An Stadium, Shenzhen, Gold with GMP International GmbH Architetcts and Engineers Berlin / Beijing (Building Planning)

Architecture Award 2013 of the BDA Saxony

Dresden District Court, 1st Prize with Pussert Kosch Architects, Dresden (Building Planning)

pořizovatel: BDA Saxony

Gardens in the City 2011

Dresden Zoo Katta-Island, Special Prize in the category “Other newly developed open space systems”

pořizovatel: Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Landwirtschaft

Chinese Association for Landscape Architecture Award 2010

“Outstanding Landscape Architecture”
Children’s Park Jincheng, Gold Medal

Architecture Award 2010 of the BDA Saxony

Giraffe- and Zebra enclosure at Dresden Zoo, 1st Prize with Heinle, Wischer and Partner, Dresden (Building Planning)

pořizovatel: BDA Sachsen

German Landscape Architecture Award 2009

ULAP-Square in Berlin-Mitte, 1st Prize

pořizovatel: Federation of German Landscape Architects

Thuringian Award for the Promotion of Building Culture 2008

Stages of the City of Gera – Renovation “Großes Haus” and new construction of the studio stage, Theatre Square, Acknowledgement

German Landscape Architecture Award 2003

Marienplatz, Görlitz, Acknowledgement

pořizovatel: Federation of German Landscape Architects