Marl town centre competition, 1st prize

We are pleased about the success in the competition for the redevelopment of Marl's urban centre. The further development of the Friedenspark and the surroundings of the town hall and Adolf Grimme Institute is a central project of the the integrated urban development concept.


Design competition for school campus in Bielefeld-Gellershagen, 1st prize

The city of Bielefeld is planning to build a new primary school with a gymnasium and associated outdoor facilities in Gellershagen. We won first prize in the competition with Pussert Kosch Architekten.


Design competition for the Wandlitz primary school , 1st prize

The construction of a new primary school is planned in Wandlitz-Schönwalde. Our design, developed with Pussert Kosch Architekten, was awarded first prize in the design competition. Among other things, the jury praised the "high quality of stay in outdoor spaces with different qualities".


Kamp, Bad Doberan

Kamp, the historic promenade/walking path in Bad Doberan, has been renovated and renewed with new plants and play objects. After its completion in Autumn, elegant paths now once again wind their way through the high rows of Lime. White grazing animals, bathing woodland creatures and a water field all invite you to enjoy yourself and have fun.


"Rooftop", Hannover

We are delighted to have been awarded for the project on the roof of a multi-storey car park in Hannover. A large, public and freely accessible open space full of plants, shaded areas, paths and a rentable bar is being created here. The land, planting modules and roof water management are all being developed together into one complex system.


Papírové náměstí in Liberec, 2nd prize

The area around the so-called Papírové náměstí is one of the most valuable locations in the very heart of the city of Liberec. The site has a rich industrial, manufacturing and production history, as well as great potential to become a significant, distinctive and inspiring district of the city again. In a shortlist of four participants, we won 2nd place with our urban design. The competition took place in the form of a competitive dialogue. Cooperation with the momentura studio.


RLA guest in Prague, September 2022

The September sun shone over Prague last week while we stayed there for two beautiful and inspiring days with (almost) all colleagues from the Dresden and Berlin offices.
The Prague colleagues had organized an extensive program. We were guests at the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR), where recent urban development strategies and projects were presented to us. We also visited a number of historic sites and new projects, including our own at Charles Square (Karlovo náměstí), the gardens of Prague Castle, and the Landscape Festival in Žižkov.


Reconstruction and extension of the Polyclinic Pod Marjánkou

We are pleased that we could be part of the winning team of ov-a in the competition "Reconstruction and extension of the Polyclinic Pod Marjánkou" and we look forward to further cooperation!


Competition for the development site “The Hub” in Berlin-Spandau - 1st prize

Together with E2A Architekten from Zurich, we were awarded first prize in the competition for the commercial campus THE HUB in Berlin-Spandau. As part of the green campus, a public park with lots of spontaneous vegetation, insect-friendly meadows, wild islands for shady resting and seating steps to the water will extend along the banks of the Spree.


Libčická náplavka, 1st prize in competition

We are 1st! The competition in Libčice nad Vltavou is over. The proposal of the embankment emphasises the natural character of the area and biodiversity in the urban context. The main routes respect the current traffic along the river, the roads resemble its wavy and smooth movement. The inspiration for the design was also the industrial past of the adjacent area.


Design competition for the development of the Yantai coastal area

Our competition entry for the Yantai Coastline was awarded 3rd place.
In our entry, we dealt with the transformation of a previously industrially used coastline. Over a length of 15 km, the section of coastline on the Yellow Sea was ecologically upgraded, the natural landscape images were worked out and the existing structures were made experienceable for tourists with new uses.


Park Střed in Most under construction!

Today in Most we tapped on the cornerstone of the Rebirth of Střed Park! In 2020 we won the architectural competition (Cena Nadace Proměny 2019) together with Atelier Hoffman. The implementation of our proposal has now begun and we are very much looking forward to the result.


TOP 100, ARCHITECT+ magazine ranking

We are delighted! Our Prague team was included in the Top 100 Czech Architectural Studios survey, which is published annually by ARCHITECT+ magazine.


Revitalisation of Alma Rosé Square in Jihlava, competition

Our design for the revitalisation of a public space in front of the Dělnický Dům in Jihlava - the future Alma Rosé Square - received a special prize in the competition.


Opening of the new Gropiusstadt playground

Our playground at Vogelwäldchen in Berlin-Neukölln was opened with great fanfare. Half of Gropiusstadt was on its feet and explored the landscape of nests, caves and crowns.


Playscape opens in Dortmund's Westfalenpark

On 08.04.22, Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal opened the new playscape in Dortmund's Westfalenpark. Inspiring thematic worlds were created with the "Bad Canyons", the "Steep Hurry" and the "Treasure Tomb Realm".


Laying of the foundation stone at the Dresden Administrative Centre Ferdinandplatz

On 09.04.2022, the foundation stone was laid for the new Dresden Administrative Centre. Ferdinandplatz will become an attractive green space near Prager Straße. Under the crowns of deciduous trees and pines, a large walk-in fountain and a shady lounge will invite visitors to linger in the future.


New Cibulka homestead, competition

The winner of the recent competition for the redesign of the Cibulka homestead, presented by the Vlček Family Foundation, has been announced. Our studio was among the five finalists in a team with architects from the ORA and momentura studios.


Masaryk Square - 1st stage realisation

The revitalisation of the main public space of Mnichovo Hradiště - Masaryk Square - continues. The first stage of the construction, during which the southern part of the square was finished – including a traffic solution of the adjacent Vít Nejedlého, Turnovská and Palackého streets – was approved.


German Playspace Award

We are pleased to have been awarded one of the German Playspace Prizes 2021. The jury honoured our project "Gärtner-Reich" (Gardener's Realm) on the ega grounds in Erfurt with a special prize.


3rd prize in the competition „Lake Milada“

Lake Milada was created on the site of the former brown coal quarry Chabařovice during the reclamation process. Surface mining and territorial industrialization have significantly affected both the local ecosystems and the overall landscape, as well as the surrounding settlements and their inhabitants. Six international teams were selected to prepare competition proposals, our team placed 3rd overall in the 2nd round of the competition.


Gropiusstadt green corridor - first construction phase opened

In the middle of the summer heat, the Gropiusstadt green corridor is getting a "refresh". The first construction phase was officially inaugurated at the end of May. Last week, visitors were already actively using the new "Gropions" along the main path that invite people to lay down, relax and climb. Residents spoke enthusiastically of the new "seating landscapes". We rejoice with them!


"Vision of the administration and development of the park Na Pankráci in the horizon 2050", 2nd

The long-term vision for the development of Prague's Na Pankráci Park was to reflect in particular its growing workload and the consequences of climate change. The proposal was presented to the client in the form of a presentation and won second prize.


German Urban Development Award

Together with a number of involved colleagues, we are pleased to have been awarded the German Urban Design Prize 2020! The jury of the German Academy for Urban and Regional Planning selected the project "Quartier Blumengroßmarkt" in Berlin-Kreuzberg. In addition to the urban development concept and the newly created buildings, the open spaces we planned at the former market hall (now the Academy of the Jewish Museum) are also part of the overall project. Image: bbzl


Opening of the BUGA Erfurt

Quietly in covid mode, the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in Erfurt recently opened its doors. An important part of the exhibition is the EGA site, the largest modern park in Germany. A large new playscape and the interactive Knowledge Forest were created according to our plans, and we were also involved in the design of the Danakil Climate Zone House.


Competition IGA Duisburg 2027

As part of the International Garden Exhibition Metropole Ruhr, the "Garden of the Future" will be created in Duisburg by 2027. Our competition entry was awarded the second prize.


Živé námestie, Bratislava

The city of Bratislava is planning to redesign the centrally located Živé námestie. Our entry in the international competition was recognised with a second prize.


Saxon State Prize "Gardens in the City"

We are pleased to have won a first prize together with the city of Radebeul in the Saxon state competition "Gardens in the City" for the Karl May Grove and Playground.


Besselpark Berlin

Finished at last! After several years of planning and construction, the renovated and expanded Besselpark in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been handed over to the public.


Creative Garden Oberfrohna opened

The creative garden in Limbach-Oberfrohna was inaugurated on 17.04.2020. A playground with many different elements and an unusual traffic garden were created on a former wasteland.


Concept study for open spaces in the Vysehrad fortress

The Vysehrad fortress in Prague is one of the oldest testimonies of Czech royal history. It is a cultural monument and a popular park for locals and tourists. We won the first place in a competition for ideas on the design of the area and will therefore cooperate with the local planning authorities over the next five years to realise the common vision.


Bildungscampus Birkenwerder (Brandenburg) - 1st Prize

Together with the Pussert und Kosch Architekten, Dresden


Traffic terminal Havlíčkova in Jihlava

Our office was selected to carry out a study to transform one of the main transport junctions in Jihlava.


Prague City Ring

The new concept for the Prague City Ring was presented to the public. In a team of different planning offices we were responsible for the strategic development of the green infrastructure.


Children's education centre (KiBiZ) in Parchim (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) - 1st prize

With Henchion Reuter Architekten, Berlin.


Charles Square in Prague

Charles Square in Prague, a place with a centuries-old history, is to be carefully redesigned over the next few years. In an international planning competition, our concept was selected for realization.


Competition for the redesign of the "Herrengarten" in Siegen (North Rhine-Westphalia) - first prize

Our design for the redesign of the Herrengarten in Siegen was awarded the first prize.


Floating plane trees

A great moment: The plane trees float into Dresden's Neumarkt. With the planting of trees, the "Green Gewandhaus" takes on its first contours, and a new urban space grows opposite the Frauenkirche.


Karl-Garden Radebeul

A new playground was created in Radebeul as an extension of the historic Karl-May-Garden, right opposite the "Villa Shatterhand". The caravan moves from the Silbersee to the deserts of Arabia.


Competition Landesgartenschau Bad Dürrenberg - 1st prize

The next State Garden Show in Saxony-Anhalt will take place in Bad Dürrenberg in 2022. Our concept was awarded first prize in the landscape architecture competition.


Competition Market Square Berlin-Adlershof - 1st prize

A jury of experts and citizens' representatives selected our design as the basis for the future redesign of the Adlershof market square. The project will be implemented in the coming years as part of the "Active Centres" programme.


Competition Bagong River China - 1st prize

In the competition for the renaturation of the river Bagong (Jincheng region, China) our contribution was honoured with a first prize.


First prize for Schwanenteichanlage Mittweida

We are pleased to announce the first prize in the "Gardens in the City" competition for our project to renovate the swan pond in Mittweida.


New mathematics building TU Berlin - 1st prizeeubau Mathematik TU Berlin - 1. Preis

In the realization competition for the "New Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Center for Modeling and Simulation (IMoS)" at the Technical University of Berlin, we won the 1st prize with the architects CODEUNIQUE.


Urban planning competition Rodgau-West - 1st place

In the west of Rodgau a new district for 5000 inhabitants is planned. Together with Prosa Architekten from Darmstadt we won the first prize in the urban development and open space planning competition. In the coming years, mixed residential quarters with schools, kindergartens, parks and sports areas will be built here.


Playgrounds opened at Schwanenteichanlage Mittweida

In the course of the park renovation two new playgrounds were built in the historic swan pond Garden of Mittweida. These could now be ceremoniously opened.


Czech colleagues in Germany

In June 2016 we welcome our Czech colleagues on their excursion to Germany. Focusing on “Green Infrastructure” the group is visiting current projects in Dresden and Erfurt.
- Citywache Dresden
- Gymnasium Bürgerwiese Dresden
- Bahnhofsvorplatz Dresden-Neustadt
- Spielplatz ega-Park Erfurt


Competition for Mnichovo Hradiste marketplace

After the successful completion of a multi-stage competitive process, we have been commissioned with the planning of the marketplace in Mnichovo Hradiste.


Contribution in Landscpae memory

Our project 'Südliche Lohmühleninsel' in Berlin will be showcased as one of 54 internationally built landscape architecture projects in the memory game of Landezine.


"Gardener's Empire" in Erfurt opened

The redesigned playground and edutainment landscape in Erfurt's ega-park was opened on 08.05.2016 with a great childrens celebration.


Fossil lenses at the river "Red Main", Bayreuth

Within the scope of the Bavarian Federal Garden Show arised water-playground was opened on 23.04.2016.


Prize for Architecture of Sachsen-Anhalt 2016

The media library on the 'Design-Campus' of 'Burg Giebichenstein' got a distinction.