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Competition extension zoological garden Wuppertal

The Zoo’s character as a kind of landscape park was being emphasized and developed. Through improvement of the existing vegetation’s shaping, former view corridors are once again accentuated. The depression, which used to be cut off by the existing railroad embankment, was being generously extended and runs beneath the new “Sambabrücke” (Samba Bridge). The “Sambatrasse” (Samba Route) became an integral part of the new landscape. Fences and barriers are arranged in an unobtrusive manner, in order to emphasize the remarkable impression of the predator enclosure, even while just passing by.

The tiger vivarium was designed as a “Felswald” (rocky forest). The lion enclosure was giving the impression of a wide and open savanna. Baobab and peek rock offer various perspectives on the animals.
project data

location: Wuppertal
Auslober: Gebäudemanagement der Stadt Wuppertal / Zoo Wuppertal
area: 5.1 ha
competition (1. prize): 2003