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Competition Bavarian State Garden Show Waldkirchen 2007

The small garden festival was based on a decentralized show concept. The main area was designed as a loop path from the core of the garden exhibition, the new Waldkirchen urban park, via old town to the characteristic areas in and near Waldkirchen.

As the main feature of the garden exhibition a new urban park has been developed on the south-eastern edge of the old town, along brook Waeschlbach. Here, all main events and activities take place. “Landschaftsbalkone” (scenic balconies) are offering special views into the surrounding landscape and are explaining them. An additional focus within the garden festival was the garden „Bellevue“. It represented the city's character besides other municipal open spaces as market-place, cemetery, urban park and sports fields. At the “Bellevue“ the unique view at Waldkirchen was used and staged through a self-contained design.
project data

location: Waldkirchen
Auslober: Stadtverwaltung Waldkirchen / Natur in Waldkirchen 2007 GmbH
competition (1. prize): 2003
competition: 2007