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Competition Mnichovo Hradiste market place

Revitalisation of Masarykovo Namesti

The Masaryk-square is a historic market place whose form and function has changed many times. The present function as bus station and traffic area is converted into a space for cultural and social activities.The reorganization now allows safe movement for pedestrians and cyclists. A characteristic element of the design are overlapping lines in the pavement. This motif comes from the history of the city's origins: Mnichovo Hradiste was founded at the intersection of trade routes.In the north of the square there is a shady place under broad tree tops. Next to a new water fountain whose form is inspired by the geomorphology of the region. Sitting in the sun near flowerbeds is offered by the surroundings of a historical pillar in the west of the square.
project data

location: Mnichovo Hradiste
Auslober: City Mnichovo Hradiste
competition (3. prize): 2016