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Competition Zoo Dresden, Afrikasavanne

The imposing scenery of the park ‘Großer Garten’ has been used as a visual extension of the zoo and gives the giraffe bawn the impression of vastness. In elongation of the existing visitor ways there are headlands extending in the outdoor enclosure. That way the visitor gets the impression of being among the animals. The several zones of the bawn are assigned with topics like savannah, water hole or scrubland to show the giraffes in their natural habitat. A scout-tree gives the opportunity to watch the animals at eye level.

For those who promenade in the park ‘Großer Garten’ the old zoo entrance is revived to the new "Zoo window". There are small keyholes in the portal where one can have a look through and gets appetite of a visit in the Zoo.
project data

location: Dresden
Auslober: Zoo Dresden GmbH
area: 0.4 ha
competition (1. prize): 2007
competition: 2008
partners: Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Dresden