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Gewandhausareal at the Neumarkt, Dresden

Redesign into a green town square

Since the baroque extension of the Neumarkt the “Gewandhaus” no longer existed and the area became part of the square. After contemplating the reconstruction of the building, the city council decided to transform the space into a green area.

The concept picks up on the history of the place and suggests the idea of a “spatial hybrid”, which is green area and urban space at the same time. Cubically cut plane trees represent the dimensions of the former building and the high rising tree crowns integrate the surface of the square. Stone plates are aligned lengthways and are a contrast to the cobblestone of the Neumarkt. They are also a reference to the panels of cloth which used to be traded here.Along the line of the former “Zwingermauer” (town wall), which is still existent beneath the surface, an elongated seating element shall be installed. One end of this seating element has an integrated drinking fountain.

This “tree hall” will create an urban open space directly opposite of the Frauenkriche and revive the character of the old “Gewandhaus” as part of the public space. The ground-floor of the “green hall” is meeting place and resting area at the same time, but mainly offers an excellent view of the imposing church.

project data

location: Dresden
client: Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Stadtplanungsamt/Grünflächenamt
area: 1.5 ha
partners: Hänel Furkert Architekten, Dresden