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Mateřská škola v Zoo Dresden

venkovní prostranství s herními prvky

to the development of a very special open space. A multi-purpose courtyard with a sturdy surface is located between the two wings of the building. The rainwater in the courtyard is collected in a “skypan”, a star shaped construction, in which the water disappears. This construction can also be sealed so that a puddle emerges upon rainfall or spraying with a hose. In the compounds garden, playing devices are arranged in between plants which create a diverse botanical scenery. Large wooden plates become playable animal figures that bring the kindergartens name to life
data projektu

místo: Dresden
klient: BIP Kreativitätszentrum gGmbH
rozloha: 0.6 ha
datum realizace: 2013
partner: see architekten gmbh
architekt: See Architekten, Dresden