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Akademie židovského muzea, Berlín

venkovní prostranství

The spatial concept corresponds to the two buildings on either side of the Lindenstraße – the museum and the academy – in a calm and unobtrusive manor. Simple design elements and surface materials unite the surroundings and give the overall complex a common identity.The tree group located at the front of the square creates a transparent incision and stands in a logical order with the existing tree groups. At the same time an accentuated area with a special atmosphere has been created in which the already existing sculpture “Nobody” is naturally integrated. The security bollards are designed to blend in with their surroundings and preserve the visual connection between the two buildings. The paving is natural stone which has already been used in the “Kollegien” buildings courtyard. The outline of the former observatory was retraced in joint gaps in the pavement. The Prussian Standard Geodetic Point (Preussischer Normalhoehenpunkt) can be experienced as climbable scale. Simple stone benches take up the space along the edges of the open space and are placed in relation to the academy’s main entrance.
data projektu

místo: Berlin
klient: Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung Berlin
rozloha: 0.5 ha
soutěž (datum) (1. ocenění): 2010
datum realizace: 2013
architekt: Daniel Libeskind