Deutscher Bauherrenpreis 2016

Deutscher Bauherrenpreis

DWA-Water-development Award 2013

Renaturation and green area Kappelbach, commendation

Auslober: DWA German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste

IOC/IAKS Award for Exemplary Sports- and Recreation Facilities
IPC/IAKS Award for Accessibility

Bao'An Stadium, Shenzhen, Gold with GMP International GmbH Architetcts and Engineers Berlin / Beijing (Building Planning)

Architecture Award 2013 of the BDA Saxony

Dresden District Court, 1st Prize with Pussert Kosch Architects, Dresden (Building Planning)

Auslober: BDA Saxony

Gardens in the City 2011

Dresden Zoo Katta-Island, Special Prize in the category “Other newly developed open space systems”

Chinese Association for Landscape Architecture Award 2010

“Outstanding Landscape Architecture”
Children’s Park Jincheng, Gold Medal

Architecture Award 2010 of the BDA Saxony

Giraffe- and Zebra enclosure at Dresden Zoo, 1st Prize with Heinle, Wischer and Partner, Dresden (Building Planning)

German Landscape Architecture Award 2009

ULAP-Square in Berlin-Mitte, 1st Prize

Auslober: Federation of German Landscape Architects

Thuringian Award for the Promotion of Building Culture 2008

Stages of the City of Gera – Renovation “Großes Haus” and new construction of the studio stage, Theatre Square, Acknowledgement

Thuringian State Award for Architecture and Urban Development 2008

Stages of the City of Gera, Theatre Square, Topic: Buildings and their inclusion in urban structures and public open spaces in Thuringia, Acknowledgement

German Landscape Architecture Award 2003

Marienplatz, Görlitz, Acknowledgement

Auslober: Federation of German Landscape Architects

Gardens in the City 1998

Forecourt Espenstraße, Dresden-Gorbitz, 1st Prize in the category “Open Spaces at Public Establishments”